Saint Jude Catholic School

Established in 1963, Saint Jude Catholic School began its humble days with 192 students in 6 classes. The school committed to provide quality and relevant education that promotes discipline, human values, holistic development, service and excellence. One of the school’s objectives is to nurture and promote the students’ unique Chinese–Filipino heritage as embodied in the two–pronged curricula and programmes. This develops understanding, competencies and pride on their rich cultural identity toward greater respect of multicultural diversity, universal solidarity and sharing in the transformation of the world among the students.

Values-Based Education

Saint Jude Catholic School takes a holistic approach when it comes to education where they strive for the complete formation of the human person for the common good of society. Nurturing students are crucial so that their physique, emotional maturity, social awareness and skills, cultural awareness and sensitivities, morality and intelligence are developed simultaneously and in harmony.

Saint Jude Catholic School offers education from preschool till International Baccalaureate Diploma. SJCS Early Childhood Department (ECD) offers a half-day programme for children with 3 levels; Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten catering to children aged 3 to 5 years old. Moving to the Elementary Department, it is aimed to strike a productive balance in the primary life of its pupils.

Through developing them holistically by allowing their fundamental faculties of thinking, feeling and willing to embrace the goodness, beauty and truth in the world through varied learning experiences guided by the Gospel values.

Tradition Meets Modernity

When it comes to the High School Department, it offers a top-notch and holistic secondary education that utilizes the best of traditional instruction vis a vis the new pedagogical trends today, both in its Chinese and English curriculum, in order to prepare its graduates for tertiary education and ultimately, to equip them for life.   In addition to its commitment to ensure quality and relevant education to its students, embarks on a new journey with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) accreditation.

The school offers a number of facilities that would help propel students further in what they pursue. Facilities such as computer laboratory, speech laboratory, general science laboratory, biology laboratory, chemistry laboratory, physics laboratory, audio visual room, ballet room, gym, medical & dental clinic, markerspace room, library, auditorium, canteen, table tennis room, TLE room, locker room and school bus.



  • Audio Visual (AV) Studio
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Gym
  • Interactive Boards
  • Library
  • Science Laboratory
  • Table Tennis

327 Ycaza St., San Miguel, 1005 Manila

  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • Secondary
  • IB Diploma
  • Others