Multiple Intelligence International School Escaler Campus

Multiple Intelligence International School Escaler Campus recognises both the universal patterns and the importance of child development which is applied to their curriculum. A variety of experiences and opportunities for learning are provided to tap each child’s unique potentials, needs, abilities, and learning styles.

The Process of Discovery

The school respects, recognizes and respond to individual differences in learning styles and temperament. Teachers at Multiple Intelligence International School Escaler Campus share the process of discovery and promote spontaneous learning outcomes with their pupils, without imposing an adult standard by which to measure the worth of what the students are learning.

Child’s Place is the preschool department of Multiple Intelligence International School Escaler Campus that caters to the Preschool Child from 1 ½ to 5 ½ years. This is in line with the critical formative years of the child, and where the student-centred philosophy of the school ensures the holistic development of the child.

Meaningful Experiential Learning

The Multiple Intelligence International School Lower and Middle School Department was then eventually founded to continue the traditions and to advance the philosophy and tutoring mentality of the Child’s Place Preschool. It offers programs from Grade 1 (ages 5.6) to Grade 8 (ages 13-14).

As the pioneering institution in the Philippines for Multiple Intelligences, the programmes and curriculum at the Escaler campus are sensitive to, and are supportive of students’ individual differences, diverse needs, learning styles, and the development of their multiple intelligences.

The school’s mission and vision, as well as the thrust to strive for excellence, leadership, internationalism, and sustainable development are reflected in school programs and activities.

The school believes that meaningful and experiential learning, such as encouraging their students to attempt entrepreneurial enterprises, allows for the holistic development of the students and will enable them to not only function as 21st-century global citizens but also leaders who make a difference.

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