Gentry International School

Gentry International School was founded in 2008, and the school initially started off as an English as a Second Language tutorial center, located at the Korea Town area in Angeles City, in the Clark Freeport Zone. Initially situated just 5 minutes away from the international ariport, most of the early student batches for ESL classes were Koreans.

English Language Proficiency

Word about Gentry continued to spread, and students from other countries seeking English language proficiency started attending including students from China, Russia, and Vietnam. In 2011, Gentry Academy became the first combined specialty learning centre in the area and possibly the whole of the Philippines, bringing together the learning specialties of languages, the arts and music.

The academy had also been acquiring funding during this period, and transferred to a new building in the area, and created a modern, specialised academy. Due to the influx of expatriates to the Clark Freeport area, fueled by the major economic and infrastructural demands requiring foreign talent, the number of international students is expected to grow.

By 2012, Gentry International School was re-established as a formal school owned and operated by Gentry School Incorporated, located at Clark Circumferential Road (the former Friendship Road), in Anunas, Angeles City. The school has been accredited by the Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines.

After School Activities

The former language academy now offers classes from Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, to Intermediate school levels- encompassing pupils from 2 or 3 years old, up to Grade 12. Pre-K classes are also available, utilising the Monkey Programme and GISSY Supplementary Integrated Subjects to guide toddlers and young kids.

The Primary and Intermediate levels also incorporate very fun programmes, with frequent monthly activities and outdoor class programmes. Some of the sports involved include golf, soccer, swimming and even horse riding.

In addition to language vocational classes, Gentry International School also provides after school programmes including talks, academic coaching, multimedia classes, lessons reviews and more. The school will also support the students with applying for universities both locally and abroad.

Friendship Hwy, Angeles City, Philippines

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