Matahari International School

Our journey in the field of education has been a quest for excellence from the very start. Over more than three decades, we’ve diligently worked towards establishing Matahari International School. This institution unites the strengths of Matahari, IEM, and Viisaus Education Group into a cohesive whole. Our vision behind this transformation is to provide our students with a sturdy educational platform that equips them to lead rewarding lives and to comprehend the genuine sources of happiness. These capabilities empower them to navigate life’s various challenges with confidence and competence.

We firmly believe that a solid grasp of legal principles, coupled with self-love, self-respect, and self-discipline, not only nurtures responsible citizenship but also shapes them into the pillars of our nation. This framework underpins our ability to exhibit our talents, communicate effectively, harmonize knowledge with action, exemplify leadership, and evolve into remarkable contributors in any organization.

Our approach to teaching embraces a three-pronged philosophy that knows no discrimination based on age, gender, emotional state, or intellectual ability. We offer students an open field of opportunities for personal development, irrespective of their educational backgrounds. These approaches share a common yet distinctive path to fulfilling the true mission of education.

Matahari International School stands on four foundational principles: No punishment, No retention, No termination, and No labelling. These principles reflect our utmost respect, appreciation, gratitude, and blessings for our students. Today, our students have gained a profound understanding of the importance of these principles. In this nurturing environment, students find motivation and complete their homework willingly. While every student possesses unique strengths and areas of improvement, our aim is to help them uncover their full potential, enabling them to craft genuinely fulfilling lives.

  • Art Studio
  • Audio Visual (AV) Studio
  • Bookshop
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Fully Airconditioned Classrooms
  • Library
  • Media Room
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Music Room

No. 2-18, Jln Iskandar Putri 1/4, Tmn Nusantara Prima, 79200 Bdr Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Cambridge A-Level
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • Cambridge International Primary Programme