Dalat International School

Dalat International School follows the American style of education and offers a biblical education to students. The school caters to students from kindergarten up to secondary level. The school prepares students to successfully enter colleges and universities across the world. The school harps on Christian education and integrates a Christian worldview to students. The school has alumni who have graduated from prestigious universities across the globe.

American International School in Penang

Dalat’s curriculum and teaching provide a broad base in general education and good preparation for university systems around the world; however, obtaining a high school diploma does not guarantee admission to a post-secondary institution. Students planning to undertake post-secondary education in parts of the world other than the U.S. should consult country-specific admission standards and universities. Families should do so at the onset of grade 9, making plans from the beginning of high school for the necessary courses.

If a learner needs classes not offered by Dalat International School, then the family is urged to consult with the coordinator of Distance Education at the school. If received through an accredited institution, transfer credits from Internet education, correspondence, and home school courses may be considered for transfer credit and grade (and included in the transcript of Dalat International School).

Dalat International School offers the Advanced Placement Programme to help students get admission in colleges and universities across the US and Canada. Students can take a maximum of 9 Advanced Placement courses out of the multiple choices available to them such as AP English Literature, AP Chemistry, AP English Language, AP Mandarin, AP Psychology, AP Music Theory and a range of other subjects.

Academic Focus and Good Environment

Dalat has collaborated with axis.org to provide vital resource materials to help the campus community and families here too. The school is providing opportunities for caring for adults and teens to start real conversations that can last a lifetime, by linking the generations this way.

eLearning is a rapidly growing teaching tool at Dalat and around the world. Take a look at the many courses and opportunities offered to students through this online medium, which opens up the world of opportunities. Dalat also offers the advancement of language skills for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. Dalat has no ESL program for beginner English learners. Students entering Dalat must have a good understanding of English prior to entering the school, just so the learner can be effective in an academically rigorous setting.

Dalat International School has a beautiful oceanfront campus overlooking the Straits of Malacca. The school has a diverse group of students who belong to different cultures. The school has extensive facilities such as a library, gym, swimming pool, tennis court and cafeteria.

Tanjung Bunga, 11200 Penang, Malaysia