Qosmo International School

Qosmo International School is a new international school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offering preschool, primary and secondary education to both international & local students. The school focuses on the holistic development of every child through the core aspects of confidence and knowledge. The administration understands that every child is unique, and aims to ensure that their individuality is maintained while simultaneously honing their grassroots foundational skills, so that they grow up to be responsible world citizens.

Innovation & Technology

Qosmo International School uses learning technology to assist the teaching requirement in the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with projectors and teachers are adept in using technology to teach. We encourage them to be involved in their child’s progress and provide parents with access to students’ performance. We consistently look at new ways to implement technology in the classroom and at home to make learning more efficient and convenient for all, without overdoing it.

Our Signature Approach

Qosmo International School will assess each student and will not separate them based upon standardised performance. This is where their RISE and SOAR programmes come into play. Qosmo has mixed classes and does not stream based on test scores. Research shows that this is bad for student learning, even for the highest performers. Students will be empowered and independent and their parents will not have to worry about negative perceptions within the classroom.

Personalised Progress

Qosmo believes in having individual guidance, so each student will have a homeroom teacher as well as a mentor. The mentor will be in charge of assisting the student assigned to them throughout the term, ensuring they are doing well in academics and helping them with personal issues, if any. All teachers firmly follow our principles of teaching in the classroom and understand that learning is a life-long experience that does not end with the completion of a semester.

Wisma MCIS Annexe, Lot 2, Jalan Barat, 46200.