Greenview International School

At Greenview International School, we are strong believers of values-based education. The school is focused on creating a positive learning environment where we fully concentrate on your child’s positive behaviour and reward this, so that in the long-run discipline is instilled in students internally.

Greenview Islamic International School’s mission should be to provide high-quality educational opportunities for all the students to train the students for their future. The goal of the school as an Islamic School is to produce good practicing Muslims who love the faith and also live by Islamic high ethical values.

By synergising the best of Islamic tradition with the best in technology, the teachers and staff will help both your child and you attain a growth mindset to uncover their full potential in life. Value-based education is actively supported via the method of Islamic Education in the classroom.

International Islamic School in Malaysia

At Greenview Islamic School the key to teaching is value-based learning. Teachers and staff create a positive learning environment for each and every child, with strong positive values. The children develop a strong sense of who they are through a values-based school like Greenview Islamic School. They build accountability and trust.

Greenview’s Islamic Studies Curriculum is focused on the ahlis sunnah wal jamaa’ah principles and is unique to the Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee teachings. The primary subjects are studied in English, including the At-Tawheed and Seerah. The curriculum of the Cambridge O ‘ Level Islamiyat places emphasis on extensive and balanced analysis across a broad spectrum of subject areas. The program is structured in such a way that students gain both qualitative and quantitative knowledge of Islam.

The Teach Your Child Islaam at-Tawheed series is used by Greenview International School through most of their curricula. Islaam’s teaching is focused on the Cambridge-backed critical thinking methods. Greenview Islamic College, as a certified Cambridge Centre, embraces the leading global Cambridge curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science as well as all other subjects.

Cambridge Islamic School in Malaysia

As a Registered Cambridge Centre, Greenview Islamic School follows the globally recognised Cambridge curriculum for Mathematics, English, Science and all other subjects. The Cambridge IGCSE is the most regarded pre-university standard in the world, and represents the best global education qualifications.

Academic development of students is evaluated once they sit for the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations at Year 6 and Year 9. The Cambridge checkpoint tests begin preparing the students for the Year 11 Cambridge IGCSE exams.

A for the Islamic checkpoint components,at the end of Year 6 (depending on the advancement of the child), every student should be able to recite the entire Quran (Khatmul Qur-aan). All learners who have gained admission to the school for Year 1 must complete Arabic Grammar at the end of Year 7- and will be able to fully understand more than half of the Quran in its original language.



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  • Science Laboratory

03-01, D'Bayu Business Centre, Jalan Serambi U8/21, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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