Labuan International School

Labuan International School (also known as LIS) is the first and only private international school in Labuan which is dedicated to providing guidance to children. The school wants to be a guiding life in the learning journey of each child.

Labuan International School is dedicated to providing an ethnically diverse learning environment along with (and complemented by) an excellent educational forum with a global perspective, allowing our students to succeed as socially conscious and engaged people, both scholastically and personally.

International School in Labuan

LIS has spared no effort and resources to engage qualified, professional, dedicated and dependable teachers. The teachers are constantly improving themselves— improving their instructional skills and knowledge as well as strengthening their knowledge through training modules provided by established and respected institutes of teaching as well as the University of Cambridge.

In meeting the desired standards, LIS provides domestic and international curricula at the Reception, Primary and Secondary levels, thus providing families the choice of a highly sought-after education for their kids that resonates with 21st Century Learning for the world of international communication and options.

The Reception Level accepts children between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. Integration of the KSPK (Child Education Standard Curriculum), the KSSR (Primary School Standard Curriculum) as well as the International Curriculum where English is the instruction format for all subject areas except Malay and Mandarin.

The main curriculum followed by the British Curriculum at Labuan International School for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with Singapore syllabus assimilation. A few of the subjects of Malaysian origin are integrated into the International Curriculum. Labuan International School’s primary curriculum is the British Curriculum. At year 10, the students embark on the IGCSE programme, resulting in the United Kingdom-based Cambridge International Examinations.

International School in Malaysia

Cambridge Checkpoint Examination is also regularly offered to Lower Secondary students in each academic year. For all subjects except Malay as Foreign Language and Mandarin, the curriculum medium is English.

Apart from academics, the school nurtures the mind, body and soul of each child so that they grow up to be balanced individuals. Students are taught to strive for excellence and believe that nothing is impossible. Labuan International School offers the two curriculum to students – the Singaporean national curriculum and the British national curriculum along with the national curriculum of Malaysia.

Students get an opportunity to fight in the global scenario with the help of the education received here. The school boasts of dedicated academic staff who put in their best effort to provide the best education to students.

Apart from academia, students get an opportunity to participate in sporting activities such as netball, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, water polo, footbal, badminton, swimming and archery. The school also has a number of clubs such as the young journalists’ club, performing arts club, red crescent society and scouts to hone student’s talents.

Labuan International School uses Schoology as the system for learning management. Schoology is a means by which parents, students and professors are interconnected. The school features a number of dedicated rooms for various co-curricuar and engagement activities, including the Apple Room, along with the Classrooms, Laboratory, Medical Bay, and Prayer Rooms.



  • Art Studio
  • Auditorium
  • Basketball Court
  • Cafeteria
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Dance Studio
  • Football Field
  • Music Room
  • Netball Court
  • Playground
  • Science Laboratory
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Woodwork Workshop

Lot 11334, Kampung Tanjung Aru, Jalan Tanjung Aru, 87008 FT Labuan, Malaysia

  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • Secondary
  • British National Curriculum
  • Singapore National Curriculum