Brainworks-Total International School – Thaketa Campus

Brainworks – Total International School – Thaketa Campus offers the world-renowned Cambridge IGCSE curriculum to students. It provides education to children from preschool up to secondary levels. Overall, the school follows the British National Curriculum with the secondary students able to pursue the globally famous IGCSE curriculum and sit for the examinations.

The school campus is located centrally on Ayerwun Road, Thaketa Township. It can be easily reached from anywhere in the Yangon. The school offers extensive facilities to students such as a science laboratory, teachers room, canteen, dining area, lockers, technology lab and other facilities.

Highly Motivated Students

This school caters to students from preschool up to secondary levels. The academic programme has been specially designed to ensure students are motivated to aim high in life. The school maintains a low student-teacher ratio which ensures the school to be able to provide personalised attention to each student.

Although the school follows a global outlook, it maintains a local feel so that children grow up to be aware of Myanmar’s culture and tradition. Students learn Myanmar language and grow up to be fluent in it. The curriculum also highlights the specific background of students and provides crucial learning about the specific culture and language.

Learning Languages

Brainworks – Total International School – Thaketa Campus puts immense emphasis on language learning and all students grow up to be multilingual. They learn Chinese, Myanmar and English language. Focus is kept on the core and associated subject such as Math, English, Science, Geography and History, are taught in English.

This school is a part of the 8 schools run by the Brainsworks Total group. All the schools offer quality English language education to students to create leaders of tomorrow. All the schools put immense emphasis on the development of students’ character, generosity and sense of community. Students are also engaged in community development projects, volunteerism and fund-raising for the needy.

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Playground

52A-1/A-2 Ayerwun Road,Ward 7,Thaketa Township,Yangon

  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • Secondary