Saigon Academy International Kindergarten District 2 Campus

Saigon Academy International Kindergarten, District 2 Campus

Saigon Academy International Kindergarten District 2 Campus arms students with the right knowledge and wisdom they need, the school offers various curricula such as social-emotional and life skills development, life-long learning skills, science and technology curriculum, physical educating and sense developing curriculum, social-community study curriculum, music and mathematics curriculum, and the language, literacy and communication curriculum.

With these options, the students are given the enough and proper tools to succeed in different aspects of their lives, not just in school but also at home. This campus is one of several in the city under the same group, with another being Saigon Academy International Kindergarten, Tran Quy Cap Campus.

Saigon Academy International Kindergarten Campus in District 2

They are also given the opportunity to express their emotions, personal thoughts, and ideas in front of the public as the Saigon Academy International Kindergarten District 2 Campus encourages children, even at their young age, to develop awareness and skills to survive the world outside the comforts of their homes and schools.

SAIS offers flexible teaching methods and encourages learning through a play-based classroom set-up. This school is the leader in the “The Early Childhood Curriculum from the age of 0” programme, a pioneer early childhood education initiative.

In order to improve the growth of the strengths and capabilities that children embody, Saigon Academy International School has implemented early educational techniques to help kids create a firm foundation for their intellect, wellness and integrity within the year zero to year six so-called golden period.

Knowledgeable Teachers

The school provides spacious air-conditioned classrooms that bring freshness and comfort for optimum learning experiences. These rooms are fully-equipped with sensory items, modern teaching tools, as well as toys for the students to have an enjoyable learning experience.

To ensure that the school’s high standards are upheld, all aspiring applicants are required to undergo a rigorous recruitment process. The school also requires them to have multiple years of working experience at other international or reputable kindergartens. All Vietnamese teachers are required to have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree or certificate from Universities or Colleges of Education.

  • Art Studio
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Playground

113 Nguyen Van Huong St., District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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