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Sabai-Jai International Kindergarten

Sabai-Jai International Kindergarten was established in 2000 with a commitment to provide each and every child with a good quality early-childhood education. The school was launched in mid-2000 by the Deputy Minister of Education of Thailand, and has since been fully certified and licensed as an international school by the Thai Ministry of Education.

International Kindergarten in Bangkok

The school campus itself is situated on Muban Sammakorn, Ramkhamhaeng 110 Road, providing a learning oasis in line with the vision of the institute to foster solid intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development, utilising both a learner driven curriculum, and English as the main language of instruction.

The school believes in providing a good learning environment that fosters strong physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. Thus, they impart the importance of the relationship between an individual and the society among children. This helps the children to grow up as responsible human beings that can contribute positively to society.

Sabai-Jai International Kindergarten uses English as the main language of instruction and follows a learner-centric curriculum. Its mission consists of enabling students to use English as a medium for communicating effectively and fluently. The school strives to continue to be a high-quality educational institution academically and administratively.

Communicating Effectively In English

Every day at this international kindergarten, the toddlers are supplied ample opportunities to practice their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills, as one of the school’s focal points is the fluent usage of English to effectively communicate.

Academically, the school concentrates on various aspects of a child’s education – reading and phonics, mathematics, physical education, science, arts and crafts, social studies and digital literacy. It also conducts a number of summer classes where students learn physical education, mathematics and phonics, arts and crafts and cooking. The faculty team consists of native English speakers who maintain a high standard of English in the school.

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237 Muban Sammakorn Soi G15 Ramkamhaeng Road 110, Bangkok 10240, Thailand

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