Bromsgrove International School Early Years Campus

Bromsgrove International School Early Years Campus sets the start to a rewarding learning journey for young learners in the British preparatory style school. The British international schooling journey will eventually be concluded at the Bromsgrove International School Primary and Secondary Campus.

British Style Early Years International School

The school has a real British feel which can be immediately ascertained from everything that is visible at the school – the uniform to the house names. The Early Years campus was established in 2002, a bright and vibrant campus for two to six years old learners, who are taken care of by highly trained teachers, qualified teaching assistants, and experienced nannies.

The pre-school curriculum has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure small children get the care they need and learn in a fun environment. The school takes pride in its international contacts and environment. It works in close proximity to the Bromsgrove school in the UK and other Bromsgrove schools across the world.

Bromsgrove International School Early Years Campus believes in nurturing and supporting children which leads to a holistic learning experience for each child. Several activities are conducted every day including playing in the outside play area and the soft playroom. Each activity is designed in a way so that students learn while having fun.

Local Thai & Global Flavour

This Campus adapts to the local flavour of Thailand and incorporates Thai culture in a variety of ways. This helps students get a local and global flavour which helps them grow as informed independent adults.

The combination of the environment and the play-based learning approach allows each child to progress at his or her own pace, but still capturing their individual potential by enabling them to explore, investigate, and discover for themselves.

The school hosts a weekly playgroup regularly where parents meet other parents and socialize with them. This helps parents understand who their child’s friends are. Children have fun, form friendships, learn to listen, learn to concentrate during these preschool years. The school nurtures the potential in each child.

Bromsgrove International School is affiliated with the Bromsgrove School in Worchestershire, England, and is able to draw from that institution’s over four hundred years of academic experience, which has significantly contributed to Bromsgrove International School’s outstanding reputation as a top British day and boarding school for two to 18-year-olds within the South East Asian region.

  • Art Studio
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Science Laboratory

344 Mu 12 Ramkamhaeng 164 Rd, Minburi, Bangkok 10510

  • Preschool
  • British National Curriculum

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