Singapore Korean International School

Singapore Korean International School is a school approved by Korean and Singapore Governments and offers the Korean Nuri curriculum to students from preschool all the way through secondary levels. Since opening it’s doors in 1993, the school also known as SKIS duly strives to cultivate global talent via a combination of good character and intellect. The school has state of the art facilities for building talent and passion amongst it’s school goers.

Korean School in Singapore

Situated in the area of Bukit Tinggi Road, just in between the Swiss Embassy and the British Club, the SKIS operates as a standard Korean school, albeit with governmental assurance from the Korean and the Singaporean governments. As a Singapore itself is a multilingual nation, even the majority Korean student body must learn to adapt and absorb information and lessons relating to their new surroundings.

Singapore Korean International School aims to achieve three basic visions – Korean identity, global, and local. Cultivating globalised talents with humanity and intelligence, with a strong sense of identity and self-esteem as Koreans, to develop the language and strength of character needed to communicate and become true citizens of the global community, and to aid with building an understanding of Singapore, it’s regional culture, and it’s place in the world at large. English and Chinese classes are also taught as part of the syllabus, from the early stages itself.

The school educates students about the history of Korea, united Korea and Dokdo suffering. The school offers a Korean language course, called the Saturday Hangul School, which teaches the Korean language for local, elementary, and secondary school students from both local and international schools The main purpose is actually to reach out to learners of Korean ancestry and help them improve their language skills, simultaneously helping them to form a closer bond with their Korean roots, as well as Korea’s history and culture.

Exchange Programmes with Singapore Schools

Students can also learn English and Mandarin in this school. The school has numerous exchange programmes with other Singapore schools. This helps in maintaining a local connection with the host country, Singapore. The school has a collaborative homeroom system where students attend classes together with a Korean and a foreign teacher. These classes provide life guidance to students, prepare a study map for them and helps them understand the world better.

SKIS also sports the only Korean book library that is this complete and extensive. There are adult texts as well as books targeted at children, and besides Korean there are also English and Mandarin books, enabling their students taking trilingual subjects to also practice their other languages besides their native tongue in a comfortable atmosphere.

The school also conducts creative experience activities where student’s skills and talent in various activities such as physical education, dancing and art are honed. Apart from academia, students can also learn Taekwondo and traditional play in the school. A Taekwondo instructor visits the school once a week and teaches the art to students. The school also conducts monthly activities to teach students about traditional etiquette, traditional arts, traditional arts and food.


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  • Library
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Playground

71 Bukit Tinggi Rd, Singapore 289 759

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