CIE British School Makati

CIE British School Makati is a British International School in the Asia Pacific that leads in the creation of trendsetting instructive innovations to provide students with the best possible educational tools to prime them for a destiny of headship.

Transforming Individuals

The school is a centre of excellence that develops creative people who are imbued and equipped with outstanding academic skills, innovative thinking, pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial mindset and strength of character to make a lasting contribution to improving the quality of life as enlightened generative leaders and channels in social transformation.

The school’s mission is to transform ordinary individuals to become extraordinary catalysts of social progress through a philosophy of education for leaders anchored on social engagement.. The school trained students to be leaders in serving others with openness and sensitivity to their needs, answering the call of community with selflessness and discipline, while doing out work with teamwork and synergy.

Learning to Lead

CIE British School Basic Education assimilates its system to the British education system. The school offers education level tiers like, Foundation School; a programme that covers the foundation stages of the early years (ages 1-5), Primary School programme covers Key Stages 1 and 2 (ages 5 to 11).

The High School programme covers Key Stages 3 & 4 (ages 11 to 16), with an option for Upper Sixth Form / Pre-University (ages 16 to 19). CIE British School Higher Education provides options that allow student flexibility and freedom. Pre-university is a bridging course that prepares learners with the skills and knowledge the students need to succeed at university.

CIE British School Makati believes that a broad base of knowledge enables students to make associations, thereby making them more creative individuals. We understand the importance of integrating isolated, content-specific knowledge with real-life situations for a more profound appreciation of the world.

In the CIE British Schools, students learn to lead and lead to learn.  By providing a learning environment anchored on the Lifelong Leadership Learning 3 paradigm, this helps to represent the formula CL3C that the school has always practised for success.


CIE Gold Tower 107 Dolmar, Palanca Street Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines

  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • Cambridge International Primary Programme