Mutiara International Grammar School

Mutiara International Grammar School (otherwise known as MIGS) has more than three hundred students, a hundred members of staff, at least thirty seven different nationalities all in one distinctive place, and all a part of the same world-class educational standards. Mutiara International Grammar School believes that all children have the potential to develop into knowledgeable and skilled global contributors, with the self-confidence to overcome the challenges of tomorrow, today.

The hastily refurbished offices and research laboratories of the original building, the Rubber Research Institute, have evolved into the inspiring learning spaces of today, to challenge the minds of young learners. For at least 22 years, MIGS has continued to be a committed provider of quality education, continuing the journey of discovery and expanding knowledge, scientific inquiry, and the tradition of building academic excellence and character.

Academic Focused International School in Malaysia

While academic success is at the core of the school mission, there is a strong emphasis on the holistic, self-development of students through involvement in a wide range of sports, STEAM, co-curricular activities and outdoor education. MIGS comprises the Reception, Primary and Secondary Schools that aim to transmit quality learning at all times. By working closely together in a unique, friendly and familial atmosphere, the teachers and administrative staff ensure the MIGS experience of all visitors is a memorable experience.

MIGS firmly believes that the personal growth of the students will involve the development of emotional, social and soft skill sets. Their success is rooted in the belief that students have varying learning styles and individualised needs. By offering a syllabus that pairs academic excellence with co-curricular activities such as sports, arts, music, and excursions, we strive to provide a well-rounded experience to our students and guide them towards realizing their true potential.

Mutiara International Grammar School has been a leader in quality education for more than 19 years. There are three levels of study – Reception for students aged 4 to 5; Primary or Junior School for students aged 5 to 11; and Senior School with the culmination of their IGCSE examinations for students aged 11 to 16. The student body is presently made up of over 300 representing around 25 nationalities as a part of a singular community where a world class education does not overshadow the unique needs of the individual.

British Curriculum School in Kuala Lumpur

Their direct medium of instruction is English. Additional languages are included in the curriculum, alongside an appreciation of related social and cultural issues, to inject a vibrant course of study at Mutiara International Grammar School. The National Curriculum for England and Wales is adopted and adapted in all areas of study at the school. It is a curriculum followed in primary and secondary schools in the UK and focuses on providing students with the same high standard of education.

The five S.T.E.A.M. subjects are fundamental to the Mutiara International Grammar School learning spaces. Directly from Year One of the Junior School, MIGS educators will lay the foundations for academic excellence and also lifelong learning. This holistic, well rounded educational approach will pave the way for future academic success and overcome the life and career challenges in their future.

Co-curricular activities are timetabled as a weekly exercise every Thursday, and are led either by the school staff, or by specialist instructors from the respective qualified organizations in Kuala Lumpur. Every student is expected to participate in the programme.

  • Basketball Court
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  • Library
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Science Laboratory

Lot 707, Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama Ampang Jaya , Selangor 68000 Malaysia

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