Eaton International School

Eaton International School, founded in 2013, aspires to be the international benchmark for ‘schools of the future’ in the Asia Pacific. The school aims to develop intellectual curiosity, ignite creativity, instil a love of learning and inspire the school students to become global leaders who will shape their and that of others’ positive future prospects.

Led by the founders who have collectively over 25 years of educational experience and track record in developing and managing private and international schools, Eaton International School offers an international education with a keen focus on creative and personalised learning, solid academic rigour and an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience.

International School in Kajang

Adopting the English National Curriculum with an awareness of the international and local contexts, the core curriculum is delivered by certified and experienced expat teachers within a school environment which subscribes to a vibrant international school ethos. The new intuitively designed school campus boasts of formal and informal learning spaces as well as social interaction spaces catering to the interests and needs of the students.

The Early Years education is critical years in the development of a child, as they underpin all future learning. The school seeks to provide such a secure, fostering, and happy atmosphere coupled with surroundings and activities that are academically stimulating. Using the ideals of the highly regarded Montessori method, that directs children to be autonomous but with realistic individual learning outcomes, Eaton International School follows the objectives outlined in the Foundation Stage English National Curriculum (EYFS).

Eaton International School encourages the students to develop and grow via stimulating & meaningful learning experiences in the Eaton International Primary Years Programme. Children are encouraged to pursue academic, financial, and personal changes. Eaton also provides opportunities for children to pursue their own interests and abilities in athletics, performing arts, plus outdoors learning.

International School in Selangor

Key Stage 1 brings children into a more organized learning environment from an early age. The program is assisted by professional teachers who teach Performing Arts, Physical Education, Music, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Agama (for Muslim students). Through the Cambridge goals for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science and the UK National Curriculum non-core subjects, Eaton plans and teaches active, stimulating lessons— which motivates children to need to know about their surroundings, the world of the past as well as the world of the future.

Based on the foundation laid in Key Stage 1 (KS1), this stage is the longest of all Key Stages and the children make substantial academic, individual and social progress. Much like KS1, experienced teachers either from the UK or have taught the UK National Curriculum to provide the core subjects of English, Maths & Science as well as the subjects from the UK National Curriculum abroad.

In Year 6, children sit for the the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint in English, Maths & Science as their first practical externally assessed exam. At the secondary level, students are learning the life skills necessary to maintain their progress into their tertiary education and on to the executive world’s eventual jobs. Our students are learning how to use the learned skills and apply them to the information given in various contexts.

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Persiaran Puncak Utama, Jade Hills, 43000 Kajang, Malaysia

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