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Dwi Emas International School

Dwi Emas International School uses the full range of learning methods seen on Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning. It emphasizes direct, active, learning methods. Students engage in activities such as presentations, simulations and gamification which helps hone all their senses. This provides a rewarding learning experience to students. These methods help students to remember, understand and internationalise their learning and get the best experience.

Sri Emas International School is a sister centre of learning with the Sri Emas International School located in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

International School in Shah Alam

Located in Shah Alam town centre, Dwi Emas International School is the platform for growing talented trendsetters. Education should be going beyond academia at the pace the world is moving if responsible parties like educators and parents are serious about preparing children for their future. The school thinks entrepreneurship is the path forward.

Students at Dwi Emas practice innovation whether it is by starting up their first companies or thinking like a businessman. The final results are the skills acquired in the 21st Century and a heightened sense of how the world functions so that the pupils thrive out in that environment.

Entrepreneurship Focused School

Dwi Emas International School offers the Cambridge curriculum to students from primary up to secondary levels. While most schools concentrate on the curriculum, the school focuses on a well-rounded learning experience. The school has several skills enhancement programme which helps hone their key skills especially creativity, intuition and breakthrough thinking. This helps students progress farther in life.

Where most conventional curricula focus on book knowledge, the school also wants students to have a well-rounded learning experience for now and their future. Through Dwi Emas ‘ Skills Enhancement Programs, the students at the school can further enhance their right brain activity (creativity, intuition, and thought breakthroughs). Doing so promotes increased learning, thus ensuring that they can recall what they have learned.

One of the distinctive elements of the School is the Powerpreneur programme and the ACE EdVenture cake. In Powerpreneur programme, students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship backed by 12 pillars of entrepreneurship: solving problems with creativity and innovation, gaining insights to existing and future industries, collaborating across borders and professions, creating massive value, failing fast and failing forward and many others.

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5, Jalan Ikhtisas 14/1, Seksyen 14, Pusat Bandar Shah Alam,  40000 Selangor.

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  • Cambridge International Examinations