Baseerah International School

Baseerah International School follows a mission to build future generations who are creative, effective, morally upright and proud of their cultural identity. The school intends to create responsible citizens prepared to lead the nation in various fields.

The school strives to be a leader in education and scientific excellence in Southeast Asia. The school provides a supportive, stimulating and harmonious environment where a student can be at ease. The school provides an avenue for students to discover themselves and provides all the right tools to achieve this.

The student community consists of students from different backgrounds with diverse interests and characters. However, all the students feel connected to the school environment and respect the cultural diversity. Baseerah provides a time-tested educational base while broadening its Cambridge – Islamic – Arabic courses to fit the interests of the students and continuing Islamic heritage.

International Islamic School in Selangor

Baseerah International School boasts of a faculty team where teachers help students achieve their full potential. Teachers are role models and bring out the best in students. An experienced yet unique teacher, discharging well crafted quality lesson plans, is satisfying to be together with.

The school offers the Cambridge International Curriculum from preschool through secondary levels. The school also has an English language support programme for students who are not strong in the language. That curriculum of Baseerah International School is meticulously developed to help students affirm their inherent strengths, quench their thirst for knowledge, and boost their enthusiasm for education.

The curriculum of Baseerah Pre-Primary School was engineered to foster the enhanced development goal of language development. A lot of emphasis is laid on teaching English as a second language at Baseerah. Even phonics is being used in a structured way to teach English. The curriculum of pre-primary school has been developed to easily understand and explore the physical world. Concepts are introduced such as the human body, meals, animals, environment, climate, plant species, and ocean life. Pre-Math uses practical ways to emphasize mathematical concepts.

International Islamic School in Kuala Lumpur

The Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP) of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE, Cambridge Board) provides the scholastic curriculum in Primary school. The program lets the students associate the results of learning with the real life. As an essential component for effective learning, the school frequently emphasises self-study skills.

Baseerah International School implements the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme, typically configured for learners aged 11 to 14. The goal would be to learn the skills and capabilities of the students, as well as to understand science and mathematics, using English as the instructional medium.

Baseerah delivers to her pupils a unique subject from Grade 4 onwards, that is devised by Islamic Civilization specialists. This topic is designed to make all students mindful of Islam’s superiority and their identity as Muslims. Through the awareness of their rich Islamic heritage, Islamic attributes such as Tawheed, tolerance, honesty, knowledge seeking etc. are further imparted.

The school also provides counselling services for students who need it. The school puts a lot of emphasis on co-curricular activities and hence students can pursue their interest in sporting activities.

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Jalan Lintang, Sri Gombak Heights, Lot 1815, Taman Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia

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