Australian International School Malaysia

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) is a green campus located on a 7.5acre land in a secure community overlooking the beautiful South Lake of Mines Resort City. AISM is strategically located at a short distance from Kuala Lumpur and other important expatriate residential places in Klang Valley and KL.

The school is also well connected to the highways and the location of the school guards it against the problem of heavy traffic in the peaks hours, making it a hassle-free journey for the parents and students. AISM offers both primary and secondary education in the same campus and students are provided with exclusive facilities to create an ideal learning environment for their all-round development.

Australian Curriculum School In Malaysia

AISM follows the Australian curriculum which is recognised as one of the best curricula in the world. It leads to the HSC or Higher School Certificate exams which allows the students to gain entry into various universities across the world. The evaluation of HSC is based 50% on internal assessments and 50% on external assessments. Regular tests are conducted to track the progress of the students and provide feedback for improvement.

The Australian curriculum is unique because it caters to the individual needs of your child. AISM has implemented the latest research by John Hattie called ‘Visible Learning’ for the Junior, Middle and Senior school. AISM aims to raise confident and successful students who are well informed and global citizens.

International School in Selangor

Australian International School Malaysia provides a range of co-curricular activities for students of all age groups. Some of the activities include sports, inter-school competitions, martial arts, visual arts, multimedia, crafts, engineering, science and more. Students are also involved in various community service projects to develop awareness about global issues and encourage understanding and tolerance.

Camps and excursions are also an important part of learning beyond the classroom. The school also hosts a range of other programmes such as the Intensive English Support classes, digital learning and AISM Sustainability programme.

Australian International School Malaysia