Tunas Muda School Meruya Campus

Established in 1994, Tunas Muda School Meruya Campus is a Catholic International Baccalaureate World School which nurtures young people aged 1 to 18, through faith and love, to become fulfilled young adults who trust in God and have the wisdom, knowledge and skills to lead fruitful lives and be ready to face the challenges of the global world.

Community of Learners in Tunas Muda Meruya Campus

Their vision is to become a leading Catholic centre of educational excellence which develops fulfilled young people who trust in God and have the wisdom, knowledge and skills to lead fruitful lives and create a peaceful world. As for their mission, the school wants to build a community of learners which embraces the hearts, engages the minds and enriches the lives of their students through their comprehensive student-centred education system, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

The school offers education as young as 1-year old until 18 years old. Starting from toddlers, this where children learn through a wide variety of fun play and creative activities, designed to encourage their physical, social and emotional development. The class routine helps the children develop self-confidence and encourages each child to participate with minimal assistance from their caregiver, leading them towards independence.

Bridging the Assisted Learning & Independence Gap

As they progress to nursery level, this is where Tunas Muda School Meruya Campus provides a bridge between assisted learning and independence. Nursery children join the class without their caregiver and gradually learn to take pride in their own achievements and enjoy their independence.

Primary Years focuses on the total growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic development. As the school adopts International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme, it is an inquiry-based learning programme which integrates different subject areas into relevant, interesting and meaningful learning experiences. This gives students an opportunity to achieve their best.

As they moved on to Middle Years, the programme organizes teaching and learning through eight subject groups: language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and society. It is designed to enable students to engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection.

Finally, the Diploma Programme equips students with the necessary skills and attitudes for success at university and in life. It offers a broad and balanced curriculum where students are encouraged to apply what they learn in the classroom and address real-world issues and problems.

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Jalan Meruya Utara Raya No.71 Kembangan, Jakarta 11620

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