Jayakarta Montessori School

Jayakarta Montessori School was established in Jakarta began in 1981 as a playgroup under the name of Srikandi Montessori School and was formed under the guidance of Gloria Kalff. By 1995, the school changed its name to Jayakarta Montessori School.

Principles of Child Development in Jayakarta Montessori School

Classroom assistants are selected on the basis of their understanding of the principles of child development and their ability to observe the child. The school is a corresponding member of the American Montessori Society, NYC, New York.

The school believes that in each child is an inherent will to learn, discover, and develop in the most formative years of their life. In order to make the most of these years, the school but build on this willingness by creating an environment and interaction which encourages them to enjoy coming to school, being part of a group, and above all, learning.

Individual Classroom Attention

Jayakarta Montessori School offers education from ages 18 months older until 6 years old. For toddlers 18 months to 2 years old, the teachers will build trust with the toddlers and provide individual attention and conversation, as they familiarize themselves with the classroom and materials in this learning process.

Moving to age group 3-4 years,  students will continue with the themes learned in the Toddler group, namely recognition of letter sounds and numbers, and becoming familiar with these as they gain fluency in reading readiness and counting. They will also have more opportunities to interact with each other in group activities such as singing, art, and some games and relays.

For the 5-6 years old children, this is the time to internalize and reinforce their knowledge gained at the preschool level.  Students will be increasing their skills such as sight-reading vocabulary, working on writing consonant-vowel-consonant words, and gaining confidence with 2 digit numbers in comparing, adding and subtracting.

This is also a time where students’ personalities begin to take shape with their expression, their confidence is encouraged. This gives many opportunities to address the classroom group and share or respond to stories, knowledge and experiences with the rest of the class.

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