Millennia World School

Millennia World School is an international school that provides an education for prospective students at the preschool, elementary and junior high levels, and is located right in Ciputat, Jakarta. The school’s primary mission is to empower students to discover themselves through exploring their talents and dispositions, simultaneously igniting their passions while enabling them to live happy and meaningful lives.

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in Millennia World School

As for the school’s vision, the school aspires to be an iconic center of education excellence creating a global community of lifelong learners and changemakers, who endeavor to internalise the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness- together with their knowledge, skills, and attitudes to empower themselves and others to ensure the betterment of society around them and the world at large.

Millennia World School provides education for preschoolers, elementary level and junior high schools. For preschoolers, the school provide a safe haven for children where they explore the world and develop key motor, cognitive and social skills. The programme is aimed to develop the child’s imagination, inspiring their sense of wonder and at the same time instilling in them an appreciation of life.

The curriculum utilises a full range of creative activities that are appropriate for young minds. Moving to the elementary level, the school aims to create, establish and offer opportunities to achieve a balanced holistic development in terms of cognitive, emotional and psychomotor skills.

Creative Activities

The school’s methodology encourages a wealth of creative activities that invokes exploration, inquiry-based, project-based and in other experiential learning. In their junior high level, the school provides an environment that inspires true engagement in learning. Subjects are taught with exploration, inquiry and experience which helps to create compassionate, critical and independent thinkers.

The programme focuses to create not only engaged students but also individuals who value integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy and understanding of others.

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Jl. Merpati Raya No.103, Sawah Lama, Kec. Ciputat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15413, Indonesia

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