Think International Kindergarten -Mei Foo Campus

Think International Kindergarten -Mei Foo Campus caters to students aged 2 to 6. It is a sister campus of Think International Kindergarten – Laguna Campus. The campus can be easily reached by Mei Foo MTR/West Railway. Over the last few years, students have grown and enjoyed their learning journey.

International Kindergarten Prep for Primary School

The school delivers the curriculum in a unique way with a complete understanding that each child is unique. Hence, it builds on the uniqueness of the students and encourages them to be curious. The curriculum is well-balanced to ensure that each child gets the right foundation to grow, achieve and succeed in life.

The school employs a team of dedicated educators who are dedicated to doing their best for children. The school builds a solid foundation of languages where children learn two written and three spoken languages. Learning in the classroom follows an inquiry-based methodology. The school engages children in interesting activities to instil in them creative and critical thinking skills.

Developing Global Citizens

The think international kindergarten mei foo works hard to set up the education journey of children in the right manner. Children are able to grow up as global citizens by learning through the activity-based programme offered by this school. Every day, the school chooses a theme and lessons are delivered following the same. Since this is the beginning of the learning path of children, the school puts emphasis on the improvement of gross motor activities.

Each day, children are encouraged to ask a lot of questions which enable them to think beyond what is being taught in the classroom. Children are also given the freedom to explore what is being taught in class. Children also work in teams which help them develop a bond with each other, as well as learn the virtues of collaboration and cooperation. Studying in an English speaking environment also helps students pick up the English language.

  • Art Studio
  • Cafeteria
  • Music Room

The Podium, Nob Hill, 8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo (Mei Foo MTR/West Railway)

  • Preschool
  • International Primary Curriculum