American International School Hong Kong

Proudly operating since 1986, the American International School Hong Kong has made its name in the industry for the excellent academic programme, producing high-achieving graduates to enrol in the United States and global universities.

To keep up with the ever-changing educational norms, the school’s new Future Framework places importance in developing students’ confidence through applied, learning and social experiences while maintaining the students’ school experience. The close-knit community that gives a sense of belonging to students, teachers and parents is what makes AIS different.

International Programmes at American International School Hong Kong

The early childhood program enables adventurous children to experience hands-on success. Children improve their comprehension of the world around them by role-playing and partaking in activities that encourage them to be complex thinkers.

The elementary school in American International School Hong Kong delivers balanced and precisely planned curricular and extracurricular program that reinforces the potentials in a child’s progress. As the elementary programme is carefully crafted to fulfil globally acknowledged US educational standards, it is the ideal balance of content knowledge with the expansion of crucial learning skills and the school’s ESLRs.

The Middle School programme encourages academic performance while acknowledging the social, emotional and physical growth and changes of adolescents. Identified by engaged learning, we nurture a customised, humanitarian, and community-oriented educational environment for our students in AIS.

The learning process is amplified by a thorough exercise of questioning, exploring, sharing and guided reflection. High school students in AIS follow a studious college-preparatory academic curriculum with comprehensive Advanced Placement courses in junior and senior years. As the high school programme is credit-based, students are required to partake in our full-time study of 4 years while taking 7 courses each year.

Sports & Visual Arts Focus

Our sports and athletics program nurtures sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation and respect for others. Athletes in AIS are trained and expected to display maturity and responsibility while pursuing sporting excellence. AIS presents various opportunities for students to thrive and appreciate the arts by motivating them to explore, discover and hone their talents. Our Visual and Performing Arts program puts together visual art, music, technology and drama, creating a unique and highly rewarding program for our students of all grade levels.

The school also offers facilities and services like school bus service, library, gymnasium, outdoor play area, basketball courts, swimming pool, art rooms, music rooms, and computer labs.

  • Art Studio
  • Basketball Court
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool

125 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

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  • Primary
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