Brainworks - Total International School - Tamwe Campus

Brainworks – Total International School – Tamwe Campus

Brainworks – Total International School – Tamwe Campus is a renowned school in Myanmar run by the Brainworks-Total International School group. This campus offers the British National Curriculum to students from preschool up to secondary levels and caters to students aged 2 to 19 years. Secondary students are offered the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

This campus is conveniently located at the Race Course Road and can be accessed from anywhere in Yangon. The beautiful campus provides all the facilities required to provide students with a memorable learning journey such as a science laboratory, teachers room, canteen, dining area, lockers, technology lab and other facilities.

Brainworks Total International Schools

Brainworks – Total International School – Tamwe Campus has several sister campuses across Myanmar. All the schools focus on the holistic development of students by concentrating on six aspects of individual development – Intellectual Capital, Physical Capital, Emotional Capital, Social Capital, Spiritual Capital and Leadership Capital.

All the activities carried out by the school aims at improving the body, mind, feelings, social and intuitive dimensions of children. The school seeks to provide a personal experience to each student and creates a loving environment where the teachers concentrate on the individual strength of each student.

Local Culture Awareness

Although the school follows an international curriculum, students receive extensive knowledge about Myanmar right from the preschool level. This helps the students to grow up to be culturally aware while learning from an internationally acclaimed curriculum. The academic programme has been designed to develop study habits in students and help them achieve success in their future life. The curriculum also highlights the specific background of students and provides crucial learning about the specific culture and language.

The school focuses on delivering quality education to students. It maintains a limited student-teacher ratio to help teachers provide personalised attention to each student. Apart from academics, children are involved in community service and also take part in a wide array of extra-curricular activities at Brainworks-Total International School such as physical education, martial arts, dance, outdoor activities and play activities.

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  • Library
  • Music Room

24,26 South Race Course Street, Tamwe , Yangon

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  • British National Curriculum