Saigon Academy International Kindergarten Tran Quy Cap Campus

Saigon Academy International Kindergarten Tran Quy Cap Campus (also known as SAIS) helps students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that they can use in the near future. In order to help establish a solid foundation for their intelligence, health, and dignity while maximising the development of the innate qualities and skills of the children, the school applies the early education methods that cannot be found in other international schools in the locality.

This campus is one of several in the city under the same group, with another being Saigon Academy International Kindergarten, District 2 Campus.

Saigon Academy International Kindergarten Campus in Tran Quy Cap

SAIS offers flexible teaching methods and encourages learning through a play-based classroom set-up. This school is the leader in the “The Early Childhood Curriculum from the age of 0” programme, a pioneer early childhood education initiative.

In order to improve the growth of the strengths and capabilities that children embody, Saigon Academy International School has implemented early educational techniques to help kids create a firm foundation for their intellect, wellness and integrity within the year zero to year six so-called golden period.

The Early Childhood Curriculum that is taught and focuses on the very earliest ages, and is based on 56 Key Growth Development metrics, with the emphasis on the following eight focus areas: speech, literacy and communications, musical and creative arts, physical, emotional and lifelong learning.

Knowledgeable Teachers

The teachers carefully guide the children through the curriculum in an environment that promotes the best learning experience they can have. The school also allows parents to check on their children’s progress and class activities real-time via live video feeds from cameras installed inside the classrooms.

On top of that, Saigon Academy International School Quy Cap Campus considers teachers’ knowledge as the most important factor in achieving optimal intellectual and personal development in its students. To ensure that the school’s high standards are upheld, all aspiring applicants are required to undergo a rigorous recruitment process.

The school also requires them to have multiple years of working experience at other international or reputable kindergartens. All Vietnamese teachers are required to have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree or certificate from Universities or Colleges of Education.

  • Art Studio
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Playground

3 Tran Quy Cap St., Ward 12, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Preschool
  • Others

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