Young Explorer’s Academy

Young Explorer’s Academy is a kindergarten school providing holistic education. It imparts academic, social and communication skills in children to start a life of learning. The school works hard in bringing out the best in children and build their interest in various subjects.

The Young Explorer’s Academy follows the British preschool curriculum- offering the International versions of both the Early Years and Prepatory programmes- and focuses on literacy, language, mathematics, social and physical development.

British Preschool in Sabah

The school is enriched with a group of experienced teachers with a vast amount of local and international experience. Young Explorer’s Academy has two distinct programmes for preschool – the Early Years Programme for students aged 1-5 and the Young Explorer’s Preparatory Programme for students aged 5-11.

Both the programmes are conducted every weekday morning, and are spread over 3 terms. Each term is 3 months long with semester breaks in December, April, and August.

The Early Years programme is based on the British Yearly Years Education which prepares students for international or private schooling. This programme provides the children with a British based early years education, preparing them for either international or private primary schooling.

The curriculum focuses on literacy, problem-solving, numeracy, physical development and creative arts. Instructions are given in English. In addition, the students also learn Mandarin. First, there is the Eggs class, which learns via songs, group reading, guided sensory activities and fine motor skill activities.

The Eggs class is followed by the Hatchlings, Ducklings, and Ducks classes, with Ducks being the final class before entering international or primary schooling. Like the Eggs, Hatchling classes concentrate on communication by means of stories, songs, free-play, role play and guided activities.

Hatchlings also focus on the development of important motor skills: hand and eye coordination, tripod grip (in preparation for pencil grip), concentration, early letter and number recognition, scissor skills and manual dexterity.

Ducklings is a half day programme that aims to introduce children to a more formal school setting, whilst retaining play-based learning that kids find so engaging. Ducks’ class is to fully prepare them through a holistic programme that introduces not just academic skills but emotional and life skills as well.

International Kindergarten in Kota Kinabalu

The Young Explorer’s Preparatory programme also follows the British Primary Curriculum, preparing the child for either international or private secondary schooling. The Preparatory programme team are all experienced with a proven track record of providing excellence and creativity in education.

This programmes’s syllabus is delivered via a healthy blend of technology and traditional methods, focusing on literacy, numeracy, problem solving, physical development, life skills and the creative arts. The Young Explorer’s Academy prides itself on mixing academics with practical, real world experiences to build thoughtful, well rounded students.

Lectures are delivered using technology and traditional methods so that students get detailed knowledge on some core aspects – literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, physical development, life skills and creative arts. Instructions are provided in English and students learn Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin as well, infused as part of the British National Curriculum.

Young Explorer’s Academy is located in the Likas neighbourhood of East Malaysian city Kota Kinabalu, cross the road from the Bayshore Condominium along from the road from the Wetlands Conservation Centre.

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1900, Jalan Bukit Bendera Upper, Likas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

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