Templer Park International School

Templer Park International School is a one of its kind international school nestled inside the rainforests near Rawang. The school operates out of a 17-acre facility which includes green areas, lakes, playgrounds, gazebos, pools and gardens. This creates a healthy environment where students love to study.

The school strongly believes in modernising learning to be up to date with today’s children’s need. The school provides equal importance to academia and moral development. The school devotes time in ensuring that students are physically, psychologically and health-wise fit.

The school follows values which foster diversity, equality, inclusion and justice between students and parents. The school appreciates the varied cultural and religious backgrounds of its students and works towards instilling a sense of respect for each other among the student body.

International School in Selangor

Templer Park International School offers the American curriculum to students from preschool through secondary levels. Students learn the basic subjects such as English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Next Generation Science Standards for Science.

The Early Childhood K – 2 stage starts at the age of four and ends at the age of seven. The Elementary School K – 5 stage involves the development of literacy and numeracy skills as the primary focus. At the Middle School Grade 6 to 8, students need to master a wide and comprehensive range of knowledge in reading, writing, math, science, history, and geography. Lastly, the High School Grades 9 through 12 stage curriculum guarantees readiness of the learners for college and occupations.

Personalised instructions are provided along with a hands-on teaching method to ensure that the students make the best of their learning journey. The school also offers the American Diploma Programme to students of Grade 9 to 12. This programme is one of the three international systems conducted in English internationally which helps students sit for SAT I and SAT II and ultimately move towards higher education in the United States.

International School in Rawang

There are a variety of amenities and extra curricular activities such as virtual reality, zipline, gazebo, laboratories, mini zoo, half sized Olympic swimming pool, horse riding, camping & hiking, lakes & waterfalls in the stunning picturesque natural environment that surrounds the lush 17 acre campus.

A diverse mix of students from all over the world indiscriminately enjoys their inclusive learning lives in this amazing local and sustainable environment by being linked to nature, as well as tastefully decorated and landscaped sceneries.

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  • Multipurpose Hall

Taman Rimba Templer, Templer Park Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

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