Kingsgate International School

Kingsgate International School pursuits excellence through minds, hearts and hands. The school follows 6 core values – courage and persistence, creative and critical thinking, respect and self-worth, responsible and ethical, integrity and truth and valuing global diversity.

The school was founded in 2017 and aims to be the best international school in Malaysia. This is an all through school offering the British International Curriculum to students from preschool through secondary levels. Kingsgate takes pride in becoming an educational institution of choice for students in the city.

The school provides a programme which is academically challenging and deeply connected to the community service. Kingsgate International School aims to be a centre of innovation and entrepreneurial development. The school is committed to a curriculum that represents the high expectations of our school community for academic rigor as well as a dedication to service leadership through deep connections to our global community.

International School in Selangor

The school incorporates technology and innovation to prepare students to face the world. The school uses technology in the classroom to provide the best learning experience for students.

The school also motivates students to think differently. The school hosts an innovation lab which is a dedicated place for ideating. Children learn about invention, design and creative problem solving here. Kingsgate International School aspires to cultivate new thinking techniques amongst its engaged young learner community.

The school further provides a brain-based learning experience which involves field trips, practical activities, problem-solving, brain-based games, visual art and role-playing which helps them in first-hand learning. Students in this school develop a global knowledge which equips them to face the competitive world.

Kingsgate International School was founded in 2017, and is set to become Malaysia’s pre eminent international school. Based on an international British curriculum, the school will deliver a kindergarten through to Year 13 program. Schools are inherently challenging environments but this school breaks barriers in its vision for the creation and focus of the entire person.

International School in Seri Kembangan

A purpose built and carefully developed communal environment offers a one-stop shop approach to innovation and growing entrepreneurship. The school has implemented many features focused on the “Think Tank” philosophy and an appreciation of psychology to ensure that the school meets the learning and growth goals of the 21st century.

Not only is the school situated within a residential and retail area, but the school administrators have formed strategic partnerships with their surrounding community to ensure that not only that both facilities are linked, but also involve the best practices from both areas.

Brain-based education understands the learning process and requires engaging emotions into the learning process. When introduced to new information, the students are exposed to both positive and negative emotions. Inspired by the now popular “Harvard Innovation Lab I” and many studies that show the advantages of the “Think Tank” approach to innovation, the school has implemented design spaces to promote entrepreneurship and innovation all around the campus.

The innovation lab is unique in its accessibility as a center for entrepreneurship. As part of the Venture Incubation Program, an integrated mentoring program that combines mentoring, workshops and community to help teams move their start-up ideas and innovations, the lab is open not only to K-13 students during the school day but to any young entrepreneurs and innovators.

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City of Green A-GF-05, Jalan PBS 14/2, Seksyen 13, Taman Bukit Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia

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