National High Jakarta School

NationalHigh Jakarta School is a school of Piaget Academy where their philosophy is exemplified by the three major thrusts namely character and leadership development, 21st-century skills, and academic excellence. The school’s vision is about creating a better world through education for the students.

Active and Creative Learning

NationalHigh Jakarta School aims to provide both a primary and a secondary school education of distinction, via the expertise of employing professional teachers. The school aims to constantly enhance their programmes to promote active and creative learning.

The school also engages students and teachers purposefully, thereby providing a more rounded education for their students. The school is committed to providing a quality education that grows the children holistically through educating and shaping their head, heart, and hands.

The school provides education beginning from primary level till secondary level. The school’s Primary curriculum lasts for 6 years starting from age 7. The first 2 years of this path are commonly described as the fundamental stage and the focus of instruction is on Languages and Computation.

Singapore School Curriculum in National High Jakarta School

As the students progress further, values of education are incorporated into subjects such as Physical Education, Music, ICT, Arts & Crafts and Affective Program when the opportunity arises. At the Secondary level, the curriculum consists of a 4-year programme and the school adopts the Singapore curriculum which is rigorous and utilises in-depth content.

All Secondary students are immersed in an environment of self-discovery, driven by an extensive extracurricular calendar, which opens the door for them to gain vast amounts of self-awareness, confidence, as well as leadership and life skills. NationalHigh Jakarta School students leave uniquely prepared to not only continue their education at a world-class university, but to excel in all other aspects of life.

The campus at Jalan Raya Pos Pengumben is a new building with modern school facilities designed for the ultimate safety of children in the most conducive learning environment. The school offers: the Learning Resource Centre,  school library, multimedia & presentation rooms, mini-research areas, gym and a swimming pool. The school also has special rooms for Science, Art and Music to offer students, not to mention resource facilities and materials for better teaching and learning opportunities.

  • Art Studio
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Science Laboratory
  • Swimming Pool

Jl. Pos Pengumben No. 41 Jakarta Barat 11630 Indonesia

  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • Secondary
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • Singapore National Curriculum