Tenby International School Tropicana Aman

Tenby International School, Tropicana Aman is the latest Tenby campus opened in September 2018. This new school is designed, from inception, to meet the educational needs of 21st Century learners in a lush, spacious and conducive environment of Tropicana Aman within the vicinity of Kota Kemuning, Selangor.

Tenby Schools apply a holistic, evidence-based philosophy designed to build the character of students and empower lifelong, independent learning. By combining brain research and global educational experience, educators are able to challenge students on a personal, individualised basis, enabling exposure to repeated experiences that push students towards true breakthroughs in learning.

Another successful Tenby School is the Tenby International School Setia EcoHill.

International School in Selangor

Tenby International School Tropicana Aman offers an international curriculum for students from Early Years up to the Secondary Levels. Both primary and secondary schools are located on a 10-acre purpose-built campus with 1,800 student capacity, fully equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities.

The school strives to provide academic excellence and to prepare students for competing in the fast-changing world. The school also works hard to build the confidence of students. The Tenby Group encourages cultural diversity and teaches students to be tolerant and respectful of each other.

Through a play-based approach, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) program, oriented on the UK’s national curriculum, promotes well-rounded growth including personal and social improvement of young learners through physical development and enhanced communication and language skills.

During the Primary Years, Tenby International School Tropicana Aman students follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is mapped against the English National Curriculum and then adapted for international students. This is combined with a comprehensive assessment system to ensure every child is progressing well.

Students then follow the Secondary Year program which includes Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – Year 9) and Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & Year 11), working towards the completion of Year 11 and attaining their IGCSEs. At this Secondary stage, education aims to grow learners that can excel academically, emotionally, and socially, and this is done by adhering to a well-defined Tenby Learner Profile that guides all our Secondary Teachers to cultivate key soft qualities in students that will serve them well in both work and life.

International School Campus in Malaysia

In addition to academic success, comprehensive education needs to recognize potential and talented students and prioritize their advancement by supporting their growth in a nurturing environment. As such, the school is actively pursuing approaches that combine academic focus with a wide range of parental and post-school activities to enable students to own their success in learning.

Sports unites the school’s community, and their co-curricular sports activities including popular sports like swimming, basketball, badminton, dodgeball, gymnastics and football. In addition, the campus offers a range of specialist clubs where students can focus on a particular music instrument or genre such as musical theatre, choir, guitar, and several more.

The Tenby International School Tropicana Aman is a purpose built campus, the latest Tenby Schools campus, specifically designed to meet the educational needs of the 21st Century learners. The campus, opened in September 2018, offers a lush, spacious and conducive learning environment, complete with facilities to support academic, arts and sporting activities, including a full-size soccer pitch and age-appropriate play facilities.

Tenby Group of schools is a rapidly group of international and local schools in Malaysia which has won many awards and recognition. The group has been operating for over 50 years in Malaysia and providing quality education to local and international students.

  • Art Studio
  • Basketball Court
  • Football Field
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Music Room
  • Playground
  • Science Laboratory
  • Swimming Pool
  • Woodwork Workshop

1, Jalan Tropicana Aman Utama 2, Bandar Tropicana Aman, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, Malaysia

  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • British National Curriculum
  • International Primary Curriculum