Mount Kelly International

Mount Kelly International School Malaysia is a school owned by the Mount Kelly Foundation. The Mount Kelly Foundation works relentlessly to provide subsidies and scholarships to underprivileged children in Hong Kong. The school follows a goal of nurturing confident, well-rounded and forward-thinking individuals to help them achieve their full potential and compete successfully in world-renowned universities.

The Mount Kelly School Hong Kong offers the British curriculum to students of preschool, primary, middle school, and high school levels. The school strongly focuses on building communication and leadership skills so that students are able to perform well in their workplace as well as in society. At the Mount Kelly International School in Iskandar, Johor, however, the focus is more towards infants, toddlers, and the preschool going age group.

International School in Johor

In the school’s Babies and Toddlers programme, the Stay and Play services of Mount Kelly International School provide children and one accompanying caregiver with continuous delivery of tactile, engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences and tools in a supportive and comfortable environment.

Significant interactions from experienced early years practitioners extend the learning and development of each child, using unique delivered planning strategies for each individual child. Accompanying adults are encouraged to play with the child while teachers are openly advising on ways to support the development of the child at home. There’s no alternative between ‘ Fun ‘ and ‘ Academics ‘ at Mount Kelly International Preschool. Play is the pillar of intellectual development and the basis for strong academic success.

This Malaysian branch of Mount Kelly School is located in Medini Johor’s Smart City, fully equipped with different facilities that will enhance the experience of the students. Different resources are tailored to fit the students and each classroom also comes with ‘ Promethean Interactive Boards ‘ to provide an insight into modern teaching.

The common facilities such as the Arts & Design Room, Music Room, ICT space, and the Physical Education field are shared between all the students. For younger students, there will be a special play area combined with various sports facilities such as the swimming pool and the climbing wall.

Mount Kelly School in Malaysia

To promote the healthy culture of reading, students are encouraged to visit the school’s Library where there are collected editions of books, as per the Mount Kelly UK school requirements.

The children learn about themselves and the world around them when a child is absorbed in play: whether it is free play, guided play, adventure play or social play. Children can develop social and cognitive skills by interacting with their community, peers and teachers, become emotionally mature, and acquire the self-confidence needed to engage in new experiences.

Mount Kelly International School aim to globally replicate Mount Kelly UK’s extraordinary educational success, its track record of innovation, and in establishing Mount Kelly’s unique warm and supportive atmosphere. The Mount Kelly international family of schools has grown in Asia with its pupils gaining achievements that place them alongside the world’s best.

Mount Kelly International School’s vision is well-known globally, as a school with high expectations, high academic standards and high achievements. Like the sister school in Devon, the international schools in Hong Kong and Malaysia offer a quintessentially classic British education.

  • Climbing Wall
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool

Block C, Medini 6, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia

  • Preschool
  • British National Curriculum